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Local Press Articles:- 2010


            2010 & All That


            3rd Jan 2010 Learning Update                        3rd Jan 2010 Back on Line

            18th Jan 2010 A.G.M. Report 2010                24th Jan 2010 Talks to Come

            30th Jan 2010 Community Policing                7th Feb 2010 Confused by Hi-Tech

            13th Feb 2010 Your Website 1A                    20th Feb 2010 Your Website Pt 1B

            28th Feb 2010 Home Network (1)                 8th Mar 2010 Home Network (2)

            14th Mar 2010 Office 2007 Features      21st Mar 2010 Office 2007 (2)

            24th Mar 2010 Your Website Part Two      4th April 2010 Ed Roberts i Pad      8th April 2010 Copyright

            14th April 2010 Family History      25th April 2010 Digital Economy Act      2nd May 2010 Spreadsheets

            8th May 2010 The Format Painter      5th May 2010 Organising Files      23rd May 2010 Dumb Computers

            29th May 2010 Windows 7 Update      6th Jun 2010 Odd Things      11th Jun 2010 Home Network Security

            19th Jun 2010 Choosing a Computer      27th Jun 2010 Quiz Night Handicaps

            4th Jul 2010 What Price Progress      4th Sept 2010 Open Evening Report

            12th Sept 2010 Gadgets and Software      19th Sept 2010 Club Introduction      3rd Oct 2010 Being In Control

            9th Oct 2010 Sounding Off on Capitals      17th Oct 2010 Golden Rules      29th Nov 2010 Vitual Computers

            24th Oct 2010 Using Shortcuts      31st Oct 2010 Backing Up Part One      7th Nov 2010 Backing Up Part Two

            12th Nov 2010 Home Networks Part One      21st Nov 2010 Disc Develoment      5th Dec 2010 Father of Computing

            12th Dec 2010 Freedom of Speech      19th Dec 2010 Dinner, Chips and Chat      31st Dec 2010 Mixed Ability Problems



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