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 Local Press Articles 2013



13th January 2013 A.G.M. Report      20th January 2013 Resolutions

27nd January Carry on Learning      13th February 2013 The Waiting Game

06th January 2013 Predictions       10th February 2013 About Discs

17th February 2013 Caution and Cookies      24th February 2013 Thinking Big

26th March 2013 A Look at Apple Mac           12thMarch 2013 Attitude

17th March Windows 8 a Second Look          25th March Black Boxes!

26th March 2013 How to use PowerPoint       08th April 2013 On Screen

9th April 2013 An Insight into Family History       21st April 2013 Passwords


19th       26thMay 2013 Scams

2ndJune 2013 Safe Banking        09th June 2013 Looking Forward

16th June 2013 Do You Feel Old?        2013 Peters Predictions Part One

2013 Peters Predictions Part Two        2013 Peters Predictions Part Three

2013 Peters Predictions Part Four       2013 Peters Predictions Part Five

2013 Peters Predictions Part Six       

30th June 2013 Stay Alert        01 st Sept. 2013 Your Commuter Club

15th Sept 2013 Dinosaurs welcome       24th Sept 2013 Using Word Hints, Tips & Formating

13th Oct 2013 Keeping Safe       27th Oct. 2013 Disks & Files Part One

3rd Nov 2013 Disks and Files Part Two.       10th November 2013 Disks and Files Part 3 Defragging

17th Nov 2013 Polishing Pictures.        1st December 2013 On Line Shopping



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