Local Press Articles:- 2011


9th      16th Jan 2011 AGM Report 2011      23rd Jan 2011 New Tricks

30th Jan 2011 Brains Trust (Part 1)      6th Feb 2011 The Brains Trust (Part II) Defragging

13th Feb 2011 Desk Top Publishing      20th Feb 2011 Jargon      27th Feb 2011 Free Software (Part One)

6th Mar 2011 Free Software (Part Two)      8th March Where to find Keyboard Shortcuts

Free Software Slides      



10th April 2011 Spreadsheets for Fun The Grid      24th April 2011 Spreadsheets for Fun (2) Autoshapes



29th May 2011 Digitising Music      03th June 2011 From Good to Bad

13th June 2011 Tablets & the Cloud      18th June 2011 Home Network Basics

26th June 2011 What Do You Know?      3rd July 2011 End of Term Quiz & Social Night

       28th Aug 2011 Getting Set For The Winter

04th September 2011 Are Computers Useful      11th September 2011 How Much Do You Tip

18th September 2011 Happy to Oblige      

02 October 2011 Customizing Windows       R.I.P. Steve Jobs

16th October 2011 Golden Rules      Working Efficiently (tips)

30th October 2011 Backing Up Your Files (Part 1)      6th November 2011 Backing Up Your Files (Part 2)

13th November 2011 Impromptu Q. A.      20th November 2011 The other side of losing files

27th November 2011 Questiond & Answers      04th December 2011 Bugs

11th December 2011 Hats Off      18th December 2011 Steve does it again!



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